Happier travelers

As experienced travelers, we at FLOATTI understand the stresses and strains that can accompany being on the move. And as a group of designers and engineers, we saw the opportunity to create a better suitcase – one that not only meets the traveler’s primary aim of getting from point A to point B, but which also satisfies the desire for convenience, freedom, security and peace of mind along the way. We believe the solution we have created does all this and more, quietly revolutionizing the travel experience in the process. We are confident that the FLOATTI suitcase can make your next trip a more comfortable one – and make you a happier traveler.

Globe-trotting in the digital age

Technology has already changed the way we travel in countless ways. However, the most basic piece of travel equipment, the suitcase, has failed to evolve significantly – until now. By bringing innovation and user-friendly technology to the conventional suitcase, we have created an improved travel tool that will simplify and enhance your journey every step of the way.

Style x technology

As well as being useful, we understand that a suitcase fits for today’s traveller must also look good. From the moment we began to design FLOATTI and piece together each of its innovative features, style has been one of our guiding principles.To that end, we spent countless hours experimenting with the look, proportions and materials of our suitcase before creating a piece of luggage that marries aesthetic beauty with functionality – and we think it shows.

Meet the team

A diverse group of designers and engineers with expertise across a range of fields,
we share a passion for two things: travel and good design.

Andrea Ponti
Industrial Designer

Hammer Chu
Creative Director

Oliver Lam

Larry Tsai
Director @ D2M