What is Floatti’s weight?

The weight of Floatti Carry-on (excluding the detachable laptop charger) is 7.9lbs (3.6kg)

The weight of Floatti Check-in is 9.9lbs (4.5kg)


We will be working to make them even lighter in the final version.

What are Floatti’s dimensions?

The size of Floatti Carry-on is:

D 8.27in x W 13.8in x H 21.6in (210mm x 350mm x 550mm)


The size of Floatti Check-in is:

D 9.6in x W 17.9in x H 26.8in (245mm x 455mm x 680mm)

What accessories will come with each Floatti suitcase?

Each Floatti suitcase comes with two belongings trackers, one M size packing pouch and two S size packing pouch. And, depending on the reward that you choose, each set of suitcase(s) may come with a mobile charger than can be upgraded to a laptop charger.

Is the lock TSA approved?

Floatti’s lock is TSA certified.

Does the suitcase and the detachable charger comply with TSA, FAA and IATA requirements?

Both the Floatti Carry-on and Floatti Check-in are designed based on the requirements of the TSA, FAA and IATA in size, type and size of battery, and wireless communication standards.


Size: The Floatti carry-on is compatible with the check-in size limit of the IATA and major airlines.


Battery: The Floatti suitcase has a small built-in 900mAh Li-polymer battery(allowed by Airlines) to support the built-in scale and the smart handle, while the detachable laptop charger uses a 88.8wh battery core, both of which are well within the requirements of the IATA and FAA. If by any chance your luggage is required to be checked-in by the airline, the detachable charger can be taken out and carried onboard with you.


Wireless Communication: Floatti suitcase and trackers use Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with your phone just like an external speaker.
While we expect aviation regulation to change from time to time, we will be continually striving to ensure that Floatti will always be air-travel friendly.

Will I be stopped at the airport security check?

Floatti is designed to be security-check friendly by optimizing the size of the built-in battery, the design of the electronic module and the internal wiring between different components. We don’t expect Floatti users to be stopped or questioned by aiport security.


We tested Floatti by taking a round-trip international flight from LAX with the Floatti carry-on. We didn’t get stopped or asked for any additional information.

What size of laptop can fit in the carry-on’s laptop compartment?

The detachable compartment of the Floatti Carry-on can house a 13-inch Macbook Pro[32cm x 22cm x 2cm] or laptop in similar size, along with an iPad and the detachable charger.

How does the built-in scale work?

The built-in scale is connected to the top handle of the suitcase, so whenever you want to know the total weight of the suitcase (including the contents) you simply press the scale button (located below the suitcase handle) then lift the top handle. The reading will show up in about a second.

Will the app works with iOS and Android?

Yes, there will be Floatti apps for both platforms.

Do I need to recharge Floatti?

We designed the Floatti to be very energy efficient so that we only need a very small built-in battery, which you can charge it via a USB cable in the front pocket (that means you can also recharge it with the detachable charger). Depending on usage, the battery should be enough for weeks of travel and it takes less than three hours to fully recharge it.

How long do the tracker’s batteries last?

Typically, the tracker’s batteries will last six to nine months before you would need to replace them. The Floatti app will display the battery levels of all the connected trackers.

What technology do the trackers use to track my belongings?

The Floatti suitcase and Floatti trackers use the latest Bluetooth tech to track your phone and belongings.

Do I need to pair Floatti with my phone?

Long press on the Bluetooth button and you should be able to find your Floatti through your phone. Or you can also connect to your Floatti suitcase the first time you launch the Floatti app.

How does the [voice-to-text message] work with language other than English?

On top of the Floatti APP, you will need to download a specific language pack of the language that you speak. You will then be able to send voice to text message in that language.

Why doesn’t Floatti have GPS tracking?

According to a report issued by SITA, an aviation communications and technology company

that tracks baggage performance each year, in 2014 the percentage of luggage mishandled by airlines averaged 7.3 pieces per 1,000 passengers. Among these mishandled luggage, 81% eventually got back to their owner without any damage. Only 3% of these mishandled luggage are ultimately reported lost or stolen.


That means if you are travelling by air, only 0.219 pieces per 1,000 passenger would need GPS to locate their luggage (not to mention that GPS has its own limitations).


For these reasons we don’t think GPS baggage tracking is practical at this moment in time and we would suggest to let the airline and insurance companies deal with that.


Report available at:



Why doesn’t Floatti have fingerprint-activated TSA locks?

We want Floatti to have the most reliable lock in its 5-10 years lifespan. Digital locks are all well and good but they still need to prove that they can handle shocks, extreme weather and temperature, and very often they would need the latest software updates to function properly.


So we think they create more problems than they would solve at this moment in time and for now we believe that the traditional TSA lock is the best lock for our customers.